Knobs, slider and buttons free download

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I created some knobs and buttons for interfaces. You can use them for free if you want. I took some of them for my keyboard. I uploaded them on sketchfab for the preview but you can also download the zip archive at the end of this post (when I got time to append it 🙂 )


[sketchfab id=”ccd010fb64f04f2bbeb06a0b8792e122″] [sketchfab id=”c80ef25b22ee4d8cba0dc4aca0474267″] [sketchfab id=”ba1f387c0bd8486eb87e662b16930cf9″] [sketchfab id=”4c984bf91dbb4ed28a5a6dd4676b0f09″] [sketchfab id=”6aef88e98957412093fd7997a38424f0″] [sketchfab id=”8253120eba4b4211b0376b0e5cfd649f”] [sketchfab id=”fbff283283a340129a6d073e4a71d8bb”]

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