Sheep it ! Render Setup and Statistics after 3 years

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Please let me share my Sheep it ! render setup and statistics after 3 years of exessively using Sheep it’s render client.

On August, 9th I wrote one of my first articles on CreativePolygon. At the time when I wrote Sheep it ! A Free Render Farm I hat only 40k user points at Sheep it !. Since than a lot has changed and I can now luckily announce that I almost reached 4 million points at Sheep It!

Except for two test projects I rendered for others only! Be aware that your points will get reduced once you upload a project to the platform. The less user points you have the less the render priority of your project.

Hardware Setup

CPUIntel Core i7-6700K; 14nm; Skylake-S; 4C/8T
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970; 4GB GDDR5 SDRAM; 256-bit
RAM4 x G Skill F4-2400C15; 8GB; DDR4-2400

Although the setup is not the best I always start at least one Sheep It! client when I start my workstation. For normal office or student work not much CPU resources are used so that the spare CPU resources are used for CPU rendering. When the PC is idle I normally start a second Sheep It! render client and configure this to GPU.

Render statistics after 3 years

To share the complete Sheep it ! statistics you see the most important statistic in below screenshot. I created two test projects and let them render by the community, rendered 22.109 frames, the accumulated render time is more than 73 days, my rank is 485 and I earned in summary 3.874.579 user points. Furthermore I started more then three years ago on February, 14th.

Status of Creativepolygon Sheep It! account
Status of Creativepolygon Sheep It! account

On the profile view of Sheep it ! you can see how you performed the past 365 days. View of the total points timeline and the frames rendered timeline.

Timelines of CreativePolygon's Sheep It! profile
Timelines of CreativePolygon’s Sheep It! profile

In addition I’ve became one of the ‘top 25% renderers which means a lot to me. Especially because I’ve never used Sheep it ! to render one of my projects to far. Hopefully I will find some time in the future and render a project on Sheep it !

Furthermore I will create a Sheep it ! user tutorial on how to upload and render your project with Sheep it ! So stay tuned for the upcoming Sheep it ! tutorial.

Regards, Thomas