How to create Spiral Staircases in Blender 2.80

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Hi there, in this short post I will give you more information on how to create Spiral Staircases in Blender 2.80. At least technical staircases, to be honest they do not really look like extraordinary staircases.

However, yesterday evening I saw an incredible tutorial from yojigraphics on Youtube. In this video he creates diffent plants by first editing the leaf itself, adding the trunk and finishing the video with array functions which follow a spline.

Later on I thought about using the basics of this tutorial and creating something apart from plants. The spiral look of the leafs in yojigraphics’ video inspired me. Therefore I wanted to create something spiral as well. Because I am definetely in the studying face I am very happy that this video is easy to repeat. In addition I currently don’t have much time so I needed a very small ‘project’ to repeat the tutorial. That is why I created spiral staircases, as you can see in the picture below.

It was really easy for me to follow yojigraphics’ tutorial. This does not mean that it is modest. It is just perfectly explained. The leafs in the video’s case are substituted by simple blocks, the staircases. The trunk is still the trunk and the modifiers are adapted to the need of this project.

At the end I created a short animation of a few seconds where more and more stairs show up. I like these small scenes where magic happens 🙂

Here is the final rendered animation. Of course again in the WebM format. If you are interested in why I am such interested in this fileformat then you can read in the post Dashboard Animation for Cycle Detection in specific in the section Export.

Spiral Staircase Animation

And here provide you the link of yojigraphics’ video on how to create modular plans with modifiers in Blender 2.80. Unfortunately the video couldn’t be embedded, please press the link below to open the video.

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